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Dog Training Videos

Dog Training Videos

Marker Training with Kevin Moriarty from Moriarty's DogTown

The power of playing tug with your dog

Kevin & Feuro training

Oct. 2010 Outdoor Class

Using a "tippy board" with new puppy

Teaching pups to deal with "improper" greetings

Intro to basic focused heeling

Introducing the jump

How to proprely fit a training collar on you dog

Brixx and I working on our basic Rally skills. Rally is a great way to get started in competitive obedience. Also a great way to kill the winter months!

Brixx in his early days of Rally practice. He went on to receive his URO1 title a few weeks later!

2016 Outdoor Group Class

2016 Young dogs beginning sport protection work

2016 Outdoor Working Dog Training

2016 Sport Dog Training

Springfield K-9 Unit Receives Generous Donation