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Raw Dog Food Testimonials

Below are some real life testimonials telling how well these dogs responded to a raw dog food diet.

Breeder Recommended Raw Dog Food Diet

Breeder Recommended Raw Dog Food Diet
When we purchased Darcy, our Bernese Mountain Dog, the breeder strongly recommended that we feed her a raw food diet as she has been doing for quite some time with all her dogs.

Being unfamiliar with this diet I did some research both on the internet and with a local veterinarian and realized that the all natural ingredients just made sense for the health and well being of the dog, and unfortunately Berners are notorious for having health issues.

Both my breeder and my vet recommended Oma' s Pride as a source of nutritious raw food products. It is an added plus to have Kevin as the local distributor, he is both knowledgeable and helpful with the products available, and lives close by!

Darcy is now two and a half years old and maintains a healthy digestive system and weight level as well as healthy skin and coat, and absolutely LOVES the food!

Laura Caine

The results have been fantastic

The results have been fantastic
I decided to switch to a raw diet for both of my Labs this past November 2010. My Yellow Lab, Fenway battled severe ear infections as well as allergies, and was losing his hair, was raw and red from constantly itching and chewing, and was on and off steroids/antibiotics for over a year. I was truly concerned about his health and well being. After much research, including a friend's testimonial in NJ who uses Oma's Pride Raw Line, as well as knowledgeable information from Kevin Moriarty, I decided to transition both of my boys. The results have been fantastic! Fenway's allergies have substantially subsided, and when I took my Black Lab Jersey to the Vet for his annual check-up, everyone was commenting on how beautiful his coat looked.
I am not at the Vet's Office nearly as much, in fact hardly at all. I could not be happier, and my boys have never been healthier!

Kerrin Reilly

Very Happy with the Results

Very Happy with the Results
This is my working GSD "Feuro". Oct. 2007, IBD was doing a number on this poor dog. He was diagnosed at 1.5 years old and quickly went from a healthy 85 lb. dog to the skeleton you see in the photo on the left. He is 53 lbs. in that picture and, in my opinion, days from death! I was running out of options and Feuro was living on pure drive at that point. I decided to keep fighting and find a way to help him.

All that the Dr.'s could tell me was that there is no cure for IBD, and all involved with his care could not come up with a diet to help. I contacted a good friend of mine (Patrick M. Cooke) and he suggested I give Oma's a call. Within days of feeding their "raw diet" Feuro's body began to respond!

Fast forward to today. Feuro's weight is 85 lbs.(Center and right photo) It took two years of slow steady gains to get to this point, but I am very happy with the results. He is retired from competitive Schutzhund, but we still train every day! ( You can't take the drive and desire to work out of this dog, he loves it!) IBD will probably take him sooner than others, but for now we enjoy our time together.

Thanks Oma's!! Thanks for giving me my working buddy back!
Kevin M. Moriarty